POCA Point Frequently Asked Questions

What is POCA Point?

POCA Point is an online appointment scheduler for business that make appointments for their customers of a consistent duration. Simplicity is its strong suit. Two clicks create appointments. One click verifies a customer's attendance. POCA Point provides powerful reports for customers, practitioners, locations, days, weeks, payments, notes, and more.

A massage therapist —for example—that gives 4 massages a day would use POCA Point to setup 'blocks' of time each day that represent their availability. It might be two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon. Customers could then log onto their branded POCA Point site and claim any available slot. Once the customer arrives the therapist can in a single click confirm their arrival.

POCA Point was created for a particular type of acupuncture clinic called "community acupuncture". These clinics have a set duration for each appointment and they have a lot of them each day. Managing these appointments on paper became too messy and caused errors. The POCA Point is easy to read, easy to use and a powerful tool for managing your appointments.

How many customers can I have in my database?

As many as you like.

How many appointments can I make in one month?

As many as you can.

How many practitioners can I include?

As many as can fit.

How many locations can I have?

One for the regular price, but each additional location costs only $10 per month more.

So, how much does it cost?

There is a one time setup fee of $100 and each month after that is $40. Well, technically it is less unless you signup on the first day of a month. You see POCA Point collects monthly fees on the first day of each month so I figured it was unfair for you to have to pay for a whole month on the first if it is only 10 days away.

So, here's how it works. You sign up on the 15th of the month and there is an immediate charge of $100. When the first rolls around in 15 more days (let's say it is in a 20 day month like April) your card will be charged $20. That is because POCA Point pro-rated the monthly fee ($40) by 50% (30 ÷ 15 = .5) and therefore $20. Each month after that will be the regular fee.

Now, the same math would apply if you signed up for 3 locations. $60 per month ($40 plus 2 locations at $10 each). The pro-rated fee for the first month would be $30. Easy, right? Well, not totally but it saves you some money.

Can I back up my data?

Yes. There are the reports. You can download your customer database as a CSV (basically a spreadsheet) at any time. You can generate a printable and downloadable report for any practitioner, customer, location or global set of days at any time.

POCA Point backs up your data every night and keeps one week of information close at hand (on the servers) and stores all of the data in a remote place for redundancy. If you screw up your data we can restore it from it's previous day for a small fee.

Can I brand my POCA Point site?

Yes. You can upload a logo and set colors for the interface so customers have confidence in the scheduler.

I have a lot of patients. How do I tell the difference between three Joe Smith's?

There is a unique numeric id for every patient and it is displayed in the key places where you use the patient info. Your patients will not know that unique id for security purposes.

Will my customers receive reminders of their appointments?

Yes. When a new appointment is created for them they will immediately receive a reminder email (nicely branded with your logo and colors). They will receive a reminder on the night before they are scheduled to arrive. That message will not be sent if they make the appointment the day before on the day of their appointment.

There are two instances when customers will not receive reminder emails at all. One is when the practice turns off that feature globally in the POCA Point administrator. The other is when the customer opts-out of the emails in their account preferences.

Does POCA Point collect customer payments?

Not at this time.

Does POCA Point make the coffee for my employees each morning?

Not at this time.

Does POCA Point allow me to cancel my account at any time?

Yes. Since you technically pay in arrears for your usage there are no refunds on previous payments.

Can I try POCA Point for free before I buy?

Contact me to setup a demonstration.

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